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About Us

Cingulara - Automate. Secure. @Scale.

Automate Everything

It is not always possible however that should be the goal. Why? Because automation produces predictable results. Over time with improvements, this produces quality products consistently.

At Cingulara, we are not a services "butts in seats" type of company. We believe in systems engineering and integration, training our customers to be self-sufficient, evangelizing the right technology for the right business/solution/culture and then repeating our successes with others.

What We Do

Automate the complete SDLC from design, to check-in, to testing, and then on to deployment, monitoring, and observability.

What we do in a nutshell...

Work Hard to Be Lazy

Automate Everything

DevSecOps. Pipelines. Containerization. APIs. Messaging. Automation@scale.

Observe then Update

Instrument. Monitor. Metrics. Observe. Trace. SLO. SLA. Watch events to track and update.

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