Automate. Secure. @Scale

That is our mantra! We work with you on automating your complete software development cycle. Checking in any code immediately kicks off building, testing, scanning, storing artifacts, and deploying at scale while maintaining quality gates.

Modern Software Engineering

Modern software engineering involves elastic infrastructure, containerization, microservices, eventual data consistency, messaging queues, testing in production, observability, running at massive scalability. We get you there.

All Code is Technical Debt!

Every line of code is technical debt. Automate and test to reduce errors, inconsistencies, and time-to-market, all while improving your quality and trust in your own systems. Cingulara helps improve efficiency and quality in your modern SDLC.

Technology is not key.
Your business value is!

At Cingulara we match the right technology, process, management, and required culture to your specific business needs and desires. Not every new shiny piece of technology is right in every circumstance. We work with you to understand your business, your people, your culture, and design a roadmap to get you where you need to be within your industry and beyond. And we give you training to keep improving as you go!

Our Skills

Cingulara has specific skills to help you modernize your development teams and processes

Professional Skills

Cingulara is an automated, secure software engineering shop. Through training, mentoring, example projects as well as professional services we equip your company and staff with the right skills and processes to enable automated software engineering, testing, and operations in the most efficient manner possible.

And with over 20 years experience with DoD systems, application development, and helping DoD systems get their Authority to Operate (ATO) we definitely know how to get things done in a secure environment.

Modern Software Engineering Practices

SDLC Automation

Modernizing Applications with API Gateway and Strangler Patterns

Microservices, MicroVMs, Serverless, Macroservices, Web APIs, Messaging

Technology & Business Consulting

Our Solutions

We match the right technology to your software development practices, needs, and business desires

Application Modernization

Containerization. Microservices. NATS messaging. Eventual consistency. Domain Driven Development. Matching the technology to the business needs.

SDLC Automation

Automation of webhooks for development check-ins to trigger a full cycle. Automated testing. Automated source code scanning. Automated artifact storage. Automated scanning of libraries used in development.

AWS Development

Certified DevOps Engineer from our professional services group working with you to design DevSecOps environment within AWS as well as SaaS offerings to fully scale and secure your full lifecycle.

Rapid Prototype Development

Creating a minimally viable product (MVP) using modern software techniques. Creating the full automation of DevSecOps for your product or solution including scalability, testing, and observability.

Technology Consulting

Work with your business leaders, CXO's, and development leads to study the current business, tech stack, and culture. Gap analysis to see where technology and processes can be updated.

Modern Application Design

Use of containers. Kubernetes and its variants (i.e. OpenShift). Microservices. Automation @scale. Services Mesh. Elastic computing. Run as a presentation, discussions, as well as interactive demos.

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